recruiting new volunteers

How to recruit new volunteers, and where to find candidates, is one of the biggest challenges that clubs can face.

Making a recruitment plan can feel like a daunting task, especially when you already have lots to do as part of your own volunteering role. However, dedicating a little bit of time to working through some of the steps in the below guide will be time well spent, helping you to ensure that it’s not always the same faces putting their hand up to help.

Every club is different and your need for volunteers will also change over time. So don’t feel you have to do everything at once. Start with changing something small and go from there. Over time, you should be able to build a great recruitment process that will help you bring new volunteers into your club for many years to come.

volunteer templates

You can use these templates to advertise for specific volunteer roles, help with certain tasks or to put the call out for helpers more generally.

There are versions for use on social media and also ones that can be printed for use as leaflets or posters to put up in your Club or on your local community noticeboards.

template Guide

Our easy to use ‘How to adapt a template’ guide can be used to help you edit a PDF and personalise it for your club, either with details of your event or your club logo.

induction Guide

Whether a volunteer is new to your club or a longstanding member, is someone who is going to help out occasionally or who has taken on a formal role, it’s important to ensure that they feel welcomed into your club and that they feel confident enough to get started as a volunteer.

Giving every new volunteer an induction is a fantastic way to do this. It will help you to build a positive relationship with them from the very beginning and hopefully set them on the road to becoming an engaged and longstanding volunteer. It is a great idea to appoint a Volunteer Co-ordinator role to your club, who could lead this process and play an important role in supporting new and existing volunteers.

Follow the steps in our guide to prepare a great induction for your new volunteers and ideally, this should be led by your Volunteer Co-ordinator.


All clubs have a story. It is about connecting and learning how they recruit their volunteers.