good ground maintenance

Grassroots football facilities have the power to offer a home to the wider community, bringing everyone together, in one place and under one roof. A good facility will provide a foundation to allow the game and community to grow better and grow together.

We recognise the challenges that volunteers face when it comes to facilities, from the duration of a community asset transfer (CAT) process to sourcing funding to support a project. Ensuring pitches in Wales are of good quality and playable all season long holds a huge importance to the safety, enjoyment, growth and development of the game but it comes with its own challenges.

The FAW Trust has created Clwb Cymru to provide resources that will support the wider community in developing facilities that meet their needs and future demands. More importantly though, to ensure that as a result of good, welcoming and accessible facilities better experiences are enjoyed by both players and volunteers.

thank you

We understand that facilities maintenance and development does not happen without all the people up and down the country who work hard to make football happen week in and week out, so thank you!