future development

the need

Facilities is one of the key areas in supporting club growth and sustainability that requires a multi-team approach, with someone dedicated to leading on the clubs’ behalf to local councils and partners such as Sport Wales and the Football Foundation.

Project start and end dates can be exceptionally long, with some projects taking several years to complete. Despite some of the challenges which can be faced by facilities, clubs can be proactive in exploring areas such as determining a community driven project need, obtaining the right legal structure for the club and its future ambitions or laying down the correct foundations which could all support future thinking aligned to the development of a future project.

lasting foundations

Taking the time to review key areas of your club will not only support you to be in the best possible position for a facility development or project but more importantly it can help you build solid foundations that will make sure that your club is built for the future.

legal structures

Download our legal structure matrix to help you gain a better understanding of the different legal structures available.


All clubs have a story. It is about connecting and learning how they develop their facilities for the future.