legal & governance


Having good governance can help your club run efficiently and effectively. Operating in line with policies and procedures and being led by people who have the correct skill sets and experiences to make the right decisions, can help your club grow and sustain. This in turn will benefit your members and wider audience. By having good governance, you can ensure that you are creating an environment which is welcoming and inclusive for all, whilst efficiently working towards your overall aims and ambitions.

Good governance also positively demonstrates to funders such as Sport Wales, your local authority, and other organisations that you run your club in a robust and reliable way. This will help build and maintain the confidence of funders, your members and wider audiences.



There is no one-size-fits-all model or approach when it comes to good governance, but there are some good principles that you can implement within your club.


The rules, procedures and responsibilities outlined to help ensure that the best decisions are made


Responsible for making decisions aligned to the future aims and ambitions of the club


Providing transparency on club activities whilst being open minded to hear the thoughts and views of members and the wider audiences

Policies & Procedures

Having the right controls and risk management in place to ensure that the club can continue to grow, develop and sustain

At first glance there appears to be lots of areas to consider within your club, but don’t be alarmed. Take your time to review what you currently have in place and what you may need to begin working on to help your club be efficient and effective. Try to seek guidance and support from individuals or a group of individuals from within your membership pool who may have some experiences or skill sets in this field.