community engagement


Football has its own community. A community made up of players, spectators and volunteers of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. All united by the beautiful game and the sense of belonging that it brings.  

Football also has an extraordinary power to reach out and touch the lives of more than just those within its community. It can unite local communities through promoting cross-cultural collaboration. It can help celebrate diversity and promote equality. It can offer a safe place for individuals and groups to develop and grow either individually or collectively. It has the power to add new and additional strengths and make local communities better for everyone. 

That sense of togetherness is essential to running an effective and sustainable club, but more importantly becoming part of a well-connected and well-supported community.


People have skills, lived experience, energy and commitment and finding ways of unlocking these strengths is critical.

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales


Great community engagement is a two-way process. It is not just about finding out what individuals, groups and organisations are local to you and what assets they have. It is about your club identifying its’ own assets, being clear on future ambitions and determining how you can play a role within the wider community. When assets and ambitions are identified and more importantly aligned, new doors open and opportunities can arise.

Community connection truly flourishes when relationships are built, and trust is developed. This can and will take time to grow. By having meaningful engagement and immersing yourself within your local community, regularly, you can begin to build the right foundations to create and nurture relationships.

Remember when everyone comes together, communities achieve more!