club assets

identifying your club assets

Before you begin to connect with the community it’s important to take some time to think about your own clubs’ assets and how you can use these to not only form connections, but to add to the collective community assets.

When looking at your assets, consider the whole club. From the work which goes on, on the pitch involving players, volunteers and spectators. To what you do away from the pitch such as fundraising or working closely with a local institute.  


The ‘More than a Club’ insight page has been developed to help you pinpoint your club assets and communicate easily to new and existing members, stakeholders and groups, enabling them to learn more about your club.

more than a club

The insight page can be a great way to update your current members on the clubs progression and development. It can also act as a promotional tool, showcasing to new partners, organisations and individuals what you are about and more importantly what role you play within the community.


All clubs have a story. It is about connecting and learning how they utilise their club assets.