The Ecosystem

the volunteer ecosystem

Our Volunteer Ecosystem has been created to help you consider all elements of volunteering, from how you share messages and stories to attract audiences to how you ensure that football volunteers feel valued and rewarded.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to building and maintaining a thriving volunteer workforce in football. Instead, there are many component parts that make up the volunteer ecosystem and these parts must be developed, curated, and sustained.

ecosystem definitions

The support in place to help volunteers in their roles


The message and stories we tell to attract audiences into volunteering


Where and how we communicate with potential volunteers

Train & Develop

How we support volunteers in order to meet both their and football’s goals


How we work to keep hold of our volunteers and make a difference to their lives


How we ensure that football volunteers feel valued and rewarded


Who we get the message out to and how we reach them

how to use the ecosystem

You are encouraged to use the volunteer ecosystem approach to review your club’s current status across each of the component parts of the framework, considering what works well within your club and what challenges you face. This process will help to identify your club strengths and focus areas for development. A series of questions have been provided here to support in this process.

The FAW Trust is developing a range of resources to support clubs across each phase of the volunteer ecosystem. Navigate through the component parts of the volunteer ecosystem to find useful resources and case studies to support your club’s volunteering.