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mentoring support

Mentoring involves supporting individuals to develop their skills and expertise, which in turn helps them better fulfil their role.

Mentoring focuses on building relationships as opposed to structured training, and so is very different from coaching or managing. In mentoring, the mentee (person being mentored) decides what they most want to learn or be supported on, and the mentor (the person doing the mentoring) draws on their own experience to provide guidance in this area.

Being a mentor is also a fantastic way of developing your own communication and leadership skills. The mentoring relationship is a mutually beneficial one, and you may find that you learn as much from your mentee as they do from you.

If the word ‘mentoring’ feels too formal, ensuring every new volunteer has a ‘buddy’ is a good way of giving the same support, but in a way that feels a bit more casual.

how to mentor

There are many ways your volunteers can be supported and our ‘How to Mentor New or Existing Volunteers Guide’ offers some practical tips to consider when mentoring fellow volunteers.


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