keeping everyone safe


The welfare and safety of your members is paramount, and ensuring that you have completed all the necessary checks before capturing and sharing information and imagery is key.


As you begin to explore how you can market your club and draw in finances from marketing your assets, you should ensure that your club is structured in the appropriate way. Exploring different legal structures can help determine whether your club is a separate legal entity or not, how liability sits with members and how your club is viewed by others.


By ensuring your club is compliant when it comes to processing and storing data correctly, this will help to instil trust with your current members and stakeholders whilst ensuring you are obeying legislation.

The Welsh Sports Association (WSA) have GDPR training for the Sport and Leisure industry which is also relevant for our football family. Check out the latest training options available.

GDPR Training

Welsh Sports Association

To access the WSA’s GDPR training you simply need to log in to their website using the link below alongside these log in details

  • Username: FAWclub001
  • Password: FAWclubWSA2019!